Italbras S.p.A.

The BT Division produces and markets brazing alloys and brazing fluxes under the brand name of BrazeTec. We offer the highest quality of alloys and fluxes: our objective is to be recognized as the ultimate supplier of brazing materials. We always support customers and offer technical consultancies and training courses about brazing: our claim is "Brazing is BrazeTec". We are innovative and are continuously developing new alloys and solutions for our customers, under the banner of sustainable development.

BT Brazing Technology

The EP division sells a wide range of anodes and electrolytes for the deposition of precious metals (Au, Ag, Rh, Pd, Ru, Pt) and base metals (white bronze, copper) which are developed and manufactured by Umicore Galvanotechnik in Schwaebisch Gmuend (Germany).

EP Electroplating

The CPM Division manufactures and develops high performance functional materials for low and medium voltage applications targeting various industries.

We are pleased to cooperate with our customers to offer Applied Technology, a wide Product Portfolio, constant Innovation, and Sustainable Development.

CPM Contact & Power Technology Materials
PEM Division deals with advanced materials such as Platinum for industrial applications and technical ceramics

Our partners are recognized worldwide for their expertise and know how.Umicore PEM, Oegussa GmbH and Friatec AG are able to support customers in the development of the best-engineered solutions even for the more difficult and extreme applications.

PEM Platinum Engineered Materials