Contact and Power Technology Materials

A leading manufacturer of materials for electrical contacts, for low, medium and high voltage applications, this division markets theĀ  "Contact Materials" product line:

  • Materials for electrical contacts in the form of strips, wires, sections, plates
  • Silver-based sintered products (AgC, AgNi, AgSnO2, AgW, AgZnO, AgCdO), silver and silver alloys (Ag1000, AgCu, AgNi0,15)
  • Strips and wires for silver and silver-coated copper fuses
  • Rivets

Italbras offers the following services for this line of products:

  • Technical consultancy
  • A laboratory for electrical testing
  • Development of new materials (R&D)
  • Global sales network

For further information please contact us directly as shown in the Contacts page, or visit the Umicore website Contact & Power Technology Materials.